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Mario Power-ups

Cloud Flower

These light and fluffy flowers are native to certain galaxies, and Mario will be a lucky platformer if he finds one. He'll become Cloud Mario and be able to create up to three cloud platforms.

Rock Mushroom

Bowl like a boulder when Mario chomps on the Rock Mushroom to become Rock Mario. A shake of the Wii Remote sends him rolling, knocking down many obstacles and enemies in his path. Rock on!

Fire Flower

The classic power-up gets a massive upgrade out in the galactic wilderness! Fire Mario can take out enemies, snow sculptures, and much more with these powerful fireballs.

Bee Mushroom

Bee Mario can buzz around in the air for a limited time when he snags this fuzzy mushroom. Wall-crawling on honeycomb walls is also no problem.

Rainbow Star

He's invincible! Rainbow Mario can increase his running speed and mow down tons of enemies when he grabs the shining Rainbow Star.

Boo Mushroom

If Mario comes across this freaky fungus, he'll morph into Boo Mario. He can pass through some walls by turning transparent, and float in space to ease his fall.

Spring Mushroom

That's a wrap! This metallic mushroom coils around Mario, turning him into Spring Mario. With it, he can time his jumps for extra height, and bounce off of walls to wall-jump with the greatest of ease.

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